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The Italian brand Feminae cosmetics aims to raise Mondial awareness to the importance of high quality skincare in this environmental challenging era. To make humankind realize the need to protect oneself against all the negative effects of pollution and harmful UV radiation by using cosmetical products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Through intensive research at Feminae Laboratories, using the most advanced technologies Feminae Cosmetics convinces to be effective. It proves to be beneficial for the health of one’s skin without doing any harm to the planet.

Feminae cosmetic’s goal is to keep improving the existing product lines through constant monitoring, researching and testing their products. Based on these outcomes, Feminae Laboratories makes adaptations to the formula where needed and therefor improving the performance of the product every time a next bulk is produced, making sure the products have an even higher performance rate against pollution, UVA and UVB radiation. To help increase the immune defences of the skin, curative vitamin based serums will be launched in 2024. The serums containing vitamin B and D are currently tested at FBA America. The ones with Vitamin A and C are already approved and available.

Mission Feminae Cosmetics
To complete the Feminae Cosmetics product line, and to follow the set mission to aim to have an all-inclusive series of cosmetics, a full range make-up collection will be launched in 2024. All the important clinical research and knowledge to protect the skin against pollution and UV radiation, will be used to create the Feminae Cosmetics make-up series. For the make-up collection Feminae cosmetics collaborates with one of the top designer in the world creating a produce line that measures up to all the current trends in the fashion world.
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