Aurea Magica set Device + 1 Lotion Maestrale

Treatment Antiaging Nebulizer


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The set contains:
Device + 1 Lotion Maestrale

Antiaging Nebulizer
The Aurea Magica device atomizes the active ingredients of the anti-aging serum (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10) into microparticles, transforming them into a refreshing vapor, which enhances their action and deep penetration into the skin. Through the new nanometric technology of Aurea Magica, the particles of the low molecular weight anti-aging serums are converted into vapor of active ingredients in ions of micrometric size 0.25-0.5 to exponentially increase their absorption capacity with surprising results.

Aurea Magica lotions are offered in three versions: two fragrances and a fragrance-free version for women who prefer a neutral application.

  • Scirocco: delicate and pleasant feminine scent with rose and fig extracts.
  • Levante: fragrance free.
  • Maestrale: soft and pleasant unisex scent, contains aromas of white musk from the North European forests.
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