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The appearance of the skin is determined by the combination of several factors such as general state of health, ethnicity, lifestyle, eating habits and age. These factors determine the luminosity, texture, consistency, firmness, elasticity and softness of the skin. Human skin aging is determined by a multifactorial and complex biological process, which involves the different layers of the skin. This has not yet been fully understood but it is certainly the result of two independent biological processes.

The daily use of sunscreen with a high factor and the local application of hyaluronic acid can replenish the physiological loss of this substance. These are the key points in the prevention of temporal aging and photoaging.

Sun Lovers Cream and Air Lotion are a combination of essential cosmetic treatments for skin beauty.

This treatment is capable of restoring the ­skin’s natural youth thanks to a double protective and anti-wrinkle action.
The exclusive formula of Sun Lovers Cream has a mix of physical and chemical protection factors with a very high index (SPF 50+), repairing the skin from damage caused by UVA and UVB rays without free radicals and with an anti-aging action. At the same time the rich formulation of hyaluronic acid restores the reserve of these molecules that have been lost during the aging process, and makes the skin hydrated, regenerated, radiant, and smooth, making it more beautiful again.

Sunlovers Air Lotion has a very light texture which, once sprayed on the face, maintains and prolongs the intense effects of Sun Lovers Cream. Sun Lovers Air Lotion has a fresh texture, which bathes the skin like a moisturizing shower in order to balance the natural freshness. The peculiarity of Air Lotion is to combine the moisturizing action with an intense protection action from the aggression of the sun’s rays thanks to the presence of photo-protective agents.

How to use
Sun Lovers Cream should be applied in the morning and in the evening. Sun Lovers Air Lotion should be sprayed throughout the day every two to three hours.

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