Purity Night

Gentle cleansing milk, with soothing action


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200 ml


Liposomal cleansing milk that envelops the skin in a veil of freshness, giving it intense comfort and immediately smoothing out the complexion. Perfectly hydrated and protected, the skin regains softness and radiance.

Feminae Cosmetics facial cleansing tonic, Purity Night enriches the evening cleansing ritual by creating a gentle soothing and purifying cleanser, which removes all external pollution agents, a liposomal cleansing tonic milk with an unprecedented sensoriality, to be used with simple and essential gestures that deeply cleanses without leaving oily residues.
Universal answer dedicated to all skin types, to give complete cleansing and prepare the skin for the application of the face cream, Dream Impact, the last step of Feminae Cosmetics daily skincare.

Purity Night offers all the freshness of water, effectively removes any impurity from the skin, freeing it from pollution particles, while at the same time preserving the natural balance of the epidermis.
Its milky consistency transforms into a fluid for an unparalleled and enveloping sensory experience.
The refreshing creaminess of Purity Night is surprising. Leaves the skin perfectly softened and softly silky.
Clean and luminous, the skin is radiant (+58%) and enveloped by a pleasant sensation of comfort (+63%), the grain is smooth (+48%) and the pores are less visible (-32%) after only two weeks of application. Perfect as a démaquillant for oily skin or as a soothing cream for combination or delicate skin. An effective detox after a long exposure to urban pollution, frees the skin from residues left by UV rays. This product is tested on all skin types under dermatological control, in particular on sensitive and Asian skin. Not comedogenic.

The extracts of bisabolol and Physalis peruviana allow to free the skin from traces of pollution and to preserve its essential functions by constituting a set of natural antioxidant and detoxifying agents of the epidermis.
A high concentration of phosphatidylcholine, black currant, shea butter and oil regenerate the membrane of the skin cells to obtain a healthy and luminous skin.
Liposomes: liposomes are microscopic spherical vesicles, consisting of a phospholipid double layer, which contain within them the functional substances necessary for the treatment.
Purity Night combines the effectiveness of these active ingredients with a consistency that transforms into liquid silk on the skin, for impeccable cleansing and complete hydration.

Shake the bottle well before use, until a completely homogeneous, extremely effective solution is obtained. Apply to the wet face with circular massages, facilitating muscle relaxation of the face and around the eyes, rinse with warm water and remove the product residues with the aid of a sterile cotton pad. Apply Dream Impact as a final complement to your daily skincare to stimulate cell regeneration to the maximum.

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