Whitening Set

Complete cosmetic treatment against dark spots on the face


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The set contains:
Hydrating Face Cream With Longlasting Sunscreen (50 ml)
30% Stabilized Vitamin C Serum (30 ml)
Lightening Face Cream (30 ml)


Hydration and protection, the Feminae Cosmetics protocol for eternal youth.

The Whitening Ritual 

Step 1

Hydrating Face Cream With Longlasting Sunscreen SPF +50

The secret of the elixir of youth is contained in its hydration and protection. Feminae Cosmetics Hydrating Face Cream is the first Italian cosmetic product to be applied in 3 phases of the day to optimize the results of Whitening Set, a moisturizing face anti-blemish cream, essential for all skin types in the presence of dark spots. Hydrating Face Cream deeply hydrates and protects the skin from attack by free radicals and UV rays. Its fresh and velvety texture melts delicately on the skin, protecting it all day long. A true advancement in cosmetic medical science.

With Hydrating Face Cream, Feminae Cosmetics research reveals the power of the Whitening Set. This extraordinary product helps the skin to restore and preserve the optimal amount of water in the subcutaneous epidermis layer.
With Hydrating Face Cream, the skin is full of water, soft, smooth, radiant and protected.

  • After 4 hours from the first application: hydration: +40%
  • After 8 hours from the first application: protection +20%

Whitening Set Hydrating Face Cream
, is rich in natural oils and sun protection factors.

  • Jojoba oil, a natural liquid wax similar to human sebum.
  • Avocado oil, naturally rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, plays a fundamental role in nourishing the skin barrier.
  • The moderate “long lasting” sunscreen protects the skin throughout the day, reducing the damage caused by UV radiation.
    Non-comedogenic product.


  • Elastic and deeply hydrated skin. +65%
  • Skin protected from UV radiation. +35%
  • Deeply nourished skin, softer and smoother. +45%
  • Face highlighter, after 2 weeks of application. +65%

Apply in the morning after a thorough cleansing of the face, using our natural tonic Aqua Fiorita or Purity Day without leaving any product residue.
For the warmer seasons, the effectiveness of Hydrating Face Cream, converges in an alternative, fresh and subtle consistency: Hydrating Face Cream must be applied in combination with the other products of the Whitening Set line and in synergy with them it offers optimal hydration and a naturally luminous complexion and the desired whitening effect.

Step 2


Formulated with the precious 30% concentrated vitamin C, it acts in perfect harmony with the skin, to reveal its natural perfection. An incredibly light liquid illuminating serum that absorbs quickly leaving the skin smooth and satin, for optimal comfort. The skin radiates with shine and reflects a natural beauty. The intense intake of vitamin C increases the skin’s natural immune defenses, strengthening and nourishing it in depth. A moisturizing and illuminating serum with surprising results.

The skin glows with vitality and health: luminous and smooth. Intensely nourished and hydrated, it is enveloped in a pleasant sensation of comfort and softness. The skin is refined, wrinkle lines are visibly reduced. Its natural beauty glows with brilliant vitality.
A brightness like never before, that of a skin that glows with health.


  • Revitalize: Brightness: +28% – Smooth skin – Tonicity
  • Adjust: Brightness: +25% – Uniformity – Transparency
  • Nourish: Nourishment: +19% – Turgid skin – Comfort

From awakening, the skin is visibly luminous, intensely nourished, soft and compact for optimal comfort. After a month of application, it shines with vitality and health and is naturally more resistant to attacks from external agents.

At the heart of the formula, the exceptional active ingredient, Stabilized vitamin C at a concentration of 30% (the only body serum in the world with this concentration).
It intensifies the action against oxidative stress, responsible for hyperpigmentation and dull complexion. Ascorbil tetraisopalmitate, one of the most effective brightening ingredients, regulates the synthesis of melanin to correct and prevent dark spots.

Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed face, eye contour and neck, before Hydrating Face Cream in the morning and before Lightening Face Cream in the evening, after a correct and complete cleansing with Purity Night. Leave on for 10 minutes before applying Lightening Face Cream in order to allow it to be completely absorbed.

Step 3

Revitalizes and evens, whitened and brightened skin: Lightening Face Cream

Lightening Face Cream is a face cream for the night, illuminating and refreshing with multi healing properties, which thanks to its extreme effectiveness reduces the discoloration of dark spots, reveals and intensifies the natural radiance of the skin, moisturizing and protecting it. Last step of the Feminae Cosmetics Whitening Set ritual, acts as a stimulating veil that intensifies the benefits of the serum with 30% stabilized Vitamin C.
Upon awakening, the skin is uniform, luminous, turgid and smooth. It glows with vitality and health. A miraculous Italian cosmeceutical product. A face serum with natural healing power.

Upon awakening, the skin glows with health and vitality. Luminous and uniform, it is hydrated, turgid and smooth. A brightness like never before, that of a skin that glows with health.

  1. Revitalize: Brightness: +33% – Smooth skin – Tonicity
  2. Regular: Brightness: +43% – Uniformity – Transparency – Protection
  3. Nourish: Hydration: +45% – Turgid skin – Comfort

Formulated with the precious vitamin C kojic acid and phytic acid, Lightening Face Cream reveals skin that glows with health and vitality.

  1. Vitamin C – Revitalize
    Healthy skin is vital skin. Feminae has created a stabilized vitamin C which reinforces the expression of a specific factor, involved in the vitality of the skin. Revitalized, the skin is more resistant to stresses caused by internal and external factors.
  2. Kojic acid – Regulate and stabilize
    The reflection of a pure light passes through a luminous skin and a radiant complexion. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, kojic acid intensely illuminates the dull and tired complexion. Revives the complexion and helps the skin to regain uniformity and radiance.
  3. Phytic acid – Melanin inhibitor
    For the skin to shine with health and beauty, it must be deeply protected from external agents. Rich in phytic acid, Lightening Face Cream inhibits the action of the tyrosinase enzyme and the production of melanin instantly and permanently for complete protection from UV radiation.

In the evening, apply Lightening Face Cream evenly on the whole face and in particular on the areas of the face affected by blemishes, after applying 30% Concentrated Vitamin C Serum. Leave on overnight. Last phase of the Whitening Set ritual, it acts as a stimulating veil that intensifies the benefits of the treatments previously applied, guaranteeing a lasting and totally unexpected result.

The Lightening Face Cream product applied to the skin increases its photosensitivity, therefore apply only in the evening as the last phase of the daily skincare of Feminae Cosmetics.

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