A foundation with a natural result that offers the skin the brightness of a day spent outdoors.


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Come Fossi Una Bambola
The indispensable foundation …Come Fossi Una Bambola is reinvented with a new formula, to reveal ever more sublime skin. A foundation with a natural result, which offers the skin the brightness of a day spent outdoors.
Its fine, melting consistency is distributed on the skin and creates a veil that is imperceptible to sight and touch, like a second skin. Thanks to the association of light reflecting pigments, the skin texture appears smoother, imperfections are reduced, the complexion is even, without dividing lines or masking effect. Thanks to its buildable coverage and long-lasting formula, the skin glows for 12 hours.
Its formula protects the skin from urban aggressions such as pollution. Enriched with moisturizing agents, it offers immediate comfort and hydrates the skin day after day. This fantastic foundation combines the benefits of a complete treatment and the perfection of a long-lasting make-up result: it evens out, hydrates, corrects, protects and enhances the skin’s radiance, day after day.

Hydrated and protected, the skin is sublimated every day. The skin texture is refined, the complexion is uniform and radiant. With a single perfecting gesture, …Come Fossi Una Bambola with 5 superpowers:
Uniforms: all imperfections such as spots, redness and dilated pores. The complexion is perfectly evened for a smooth and natural result.
Moisturizes: the skin immediately regains softness and comfort and is continuously hydrated for 8 hours.
Corrects: from the first application the signs of aging are less visible. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced by 50%, the skin is smoothed and plumped.
Protects: from the moment of application the skin is effectively protected from environmental aggressions.
Sublimates brightness: day after day the skin regains its natural ability to reflect light up to a brightness increased by 22%.
Non-comedogenic product and suitable for sensitive skin.

Enriched with Healthy Glow Booster pigments, …Come Fossi Una Bambola illuminates and leaves the skin soft.
Immediate brightness: +77%
Brightness after 12 hours: +46%
Its formula creates a protective barrier on the skin against the aggressions linked to pollution, present both indoors and outdoors. Throughout the day, the skin glows with health.

With over 40% water, …Come Fossi Una Bambola is a fresh and light emulsion whose formula moisturizes the skin throughout the day and preserves it, application after application. Its wetting agents, including glycerol, have the ability to retain a quantity of water considerably higher than their weight, thus maintaining a good level of hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis. Immediate moisturizing effect: +58%.
…Come Fossi Una Bambola helps to fight free radicals and oxidative stress, which are harmful to the skin, and stimulates the skin’s defenses against environmental aggressions. In addition, it improves the skin’s texture and increases its natural radiance. …Come Fossi Una Bambola is a new generation foundation and reinforces the extraordinary powers of make-up Feminae.

…Come Fossi Una Bambola offers modular and tailor-made coverage according to the method of application:
– Apply …Come Fossi Una Bambola with your fingertips on carefully cleansed and prepared skin, after the usual Feminae treatment ritual. Apply with smoothing movements, from the center towards the outside of the face. Suitable for all skin profiles, even sensitive ones, …Come Fossi Una Bambola can be used alone for a natural result or before powder for a more sophisticated result.

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