Heavenly Creams

Nourishing, anti-wrinkle face cream.


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50 ml


Intensive face treatment, for the morning. Day after day, dark spots are visibly reduced, smooth skin regains vitality, strength and perfection, a luminous and uniform complexion.


The Heavenly Creams face cream treatment by Feminae Cosmetics is an exceptional cosmetic, the result of the most advanced technology in the field of cosmetics produced in our Italian cosmetic laboratories.
The exclusive formula of Heavenly Creams combines 10 actions that merge into a single sensation of well-being, for a vital, strong and perfect skin. These rare and powerful molecules give the skin an infinite regenerating power and the skin is refined and full of vitality. A cosmetic product for the skin essential in every woman’s daily skincare and the perfect hydration tool for the face.

  • (1) Deep hydration, (2) soothed and (3) protected, the skin glows with vital beauty.
  • The skin regains (4) natural tone and (5) greater elasticity thanks to a high supply of collagen, the (6) wrinkles are smoothed, and the face recovers its natural beauty and the face contour is redesigned.
  • The (7) spots are reduced thanks to the UV protection, the (8) skin texture is noticeably refined and the (9) complexion intensely bright.
  • The skin appears (10) turgid, luminous with its own light, perfect and the tone is even.

Heavenly Creams face cream has a global action on density (+30%) and increases the micro relief of the skin.
More compact (+32%), the appearance of the face is visibly redesigned. Smoother (+23%), the skin is “lifted”, regaining tone.

Growth factors and SNAP-8 polypeptide, molecules made immortal through the skilful fusion process conceived by Feminae Cosmetics research is perfectly calibrated on the urban skin texture. A multifunctional product with surprising and immediate results.

Heavenly Creams comes in a texture with an imperceptible consistency for a weightless application, sublime to the touch, ideal in the morning, adapts to all desires, all seasons and all occasions. It is the expression of technological perfection applied to cosmetic medicine, ideal in all weather conditions.

  1. Pick up Heavenly Creams with the spatula and apply a small amount of the face cream on cheeks, forehead, neck and décolleté.
  2. With the fingers of both hands, smooth the facial features from the outside to the inside. For the neck, follow the line from ear to ear. Finally, for the décolleté, massage gently from the center of the neck towards the shoulders with open hands.
  3. To optimize the benefits of the cream, perform the specific regenerating gestures developed by Feminae: with fingers together, massage the different areas of the face with the tips, applying pressure with circular movements, stimulating blood circulation repeatedly and smoothing the unsightly lines caused by wrinkles.

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